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Cleaning for a Cause

This Spring, each time we clean your home, Maids à la Mode will donate a portion of its proceeds to Bay Area Food Bank. Maids à la Mode supports the Bay Area Food Bank because they serve a 24-county area spanning south Mississippi, south Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. In 2011, the food bank distributed nearly 16 million pounds of food to more than 500 church pantries, soup kitchens and other nonprofit organizations throughout its service area. The food bank provides food through multiple programs, including Child Nutrition, Disaster Relief, Emergency Response Pantry, Mobile Pantry, Rural Delivery and SNAP Outreach. Bay Area Food Bank is a United Way agency and a member of Feeding America.


According to FRAC, Alabama has the 2nd highest food hardship rate in the nation (25.2% of the population).
19.2% of Alabama's population is food insecure ‐ that equates to 919,670 people (Feeding America, Map the Meal Gap).

Families' struggle to afford necessities follows closely on their employment status and wages‐and the most basic necessity is food. We support the Bay Area Food Bank because they help children in our community like Kate stay well nourished, healthy and growing strong.

how can you help?

You already are. Every time you hire Maids à la Mode, we contribute a portion of the proceeds to a deserving local charity like Bay Area Food Bank, making our community a better place to be.
As an independent and locally owned business, we feel like it's the right thing to do.

Bay AREA FOOD BANK mission

The Bay Area Food Bank, working through member organizations and special programs, will provide nutritious food to meet the challenge of feeding people who are hungry as a result of personal crisis or disaster. The Bay Area Food Bank will educate the public regarding domestic hunger, proper nutrition and related issues.

Learn more about Bay Area Food Bank.