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Our Story

We at Maids à la Mode know that time spent with our family, pets, and loved ones is a treasure to be cherished. We believe that life should be lived with positivity, lots of energy and what the French call “joie de vivre,” or an exuberant joy for living. These values, along with our belief in environmental and social responsibility, led us to have the *bright idea* that if we could start a business that gave people more freedom to enjoy their lives and loved ones, and created healthy, happy and non-toxic living spaces without impacting the environment, all while giving back to the Southern California community, it would be... one heck of a good thing.

You probably won't find many people who are more passionate about what they do. You could say it's our raison d'être, our reason for being. So much so that we have redefined what “clean” is. That's why we call ourselves the Purveyors of Clean. Not only do our maids do an awesome (and eco-friendly!) job of cleaning your home, we also give back to our community, making it a better place to be.
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Maids à la Mode is a locally owned business that aims to make homes happy, healthy and non-toxic living spaces, and believes in giving back to the community and the preservation of our environment.
To learn more about Maids à la Mode, or to just say “hello,” please give us a call us at (330) 826.1044, or email us at . We promise to get back with you tout de suite!